Math !?

For some, it's a total horror, and others think it's great. They all have to learn it.

While some sit for hours practicing tasks, others build towers or lay out pictures.

When building with the intuitibrix, children from the age of 3 to 4 learn to calculate and recognize mathematical relationships, including geometry. They promote their creativity and their dexterity and have fun at the same time.

Your child can also learn math with joy!

Petra Wimber, inventor of the intuitibrix

“I know that math is not narrow-minded cramming. That's why I've set myself the goal that every child can discover joy in math."

About intuitibrix®:

By combining number and quantity, children not only learn tasks by heart. The quantity pages enable self-control by counting or even better by simultaneous recording.

The intuitibrix are available in a Swiss and a German version.

All digits, lines and dots are easy to feel. When learning numbers, exercises for touching and tracing are helpful. Visually impaired and blind children can also play, build and learn with the intuitibrix.

Children learn numbers and children learn to count. Combining these two skills is often very difficult. Children with arithmetic problems have a deficit here. The intuitibrix combine the three mathematical aspects of number, quantity and length and always show them to the children. Children make this connection subconsciously and intuitively over time.

Unstructured sets can only be entered up to 5 at a time. With the thicker line at the level of the five, all numbers can be recognized at a glance. This is especially important to get away from counting arithmetic. The 5 as half of 10 helps turn difficult tasks into easy ones.

The number of building blocks is determined in such a way that a set corresponds to 100. The box has space for 10 rows with 10 points each. This quantity and arrangement makes it possible to represent all numbers as well as additions and subtractions in the number range up to 100.

In many math books this is called the "power of 5".

When putting something in the box, the tens decomposition is trained automatically. There must always be 10 in a row. The building blocks can be placed upright or flat. There are many possibilities. You can also see it simply as a puzzle. Even very small children can try it out.

Building, mirroring, rows, patterns, views, volumes, circumferences, lengths, weights and much more. Depending on the age of the children, there are different geometric applications. The children do a lot of this automatically and without instructions.

Often underestimated, but creativity is an important part of children's education. Creative children are more curious and daring to try something, are better able to develop their own ideas and thus learn to think in a problem-solving manner.

Experts know this too. That is why imagination and creativity are a focus of the curriculum 21 of the canton of Zurich.

Years of experience as a primary school teacher in different school systems and dealing with very different children have contributed to the development of intuitibrix.

Developed and tested in Switzerland, manufactured in Europe 🙂

Bridget, N
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I've been a speech therapist for a good 20 years and I think intuitibrix is awesome. I bought it for my work with children, but now my son plays with it every day. He's 4.5 years old and I think that's the perfect age to start learning about quantities and numbers. He loves it and asks me a lot of questions about it. Every day he builds something different with it and sets himself small tasks. The concept is as well-founded as it is simple and therefore completely convincing. The material is beautifully crafted. The warm wood, the beautiful design, the great feel of the blocks, I'm really excited. The wooden box that comes with it is very worthwhile. A big compliment to Petra for the idea and implementation of this extremely useful play and therapy material!

In kindergarten

Independent discovery

At school​

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Do homework and play

Why intuitibrix?

Better performance in no time

Understanding the relationship between quantity and number will make it easier for your child to get started with mathematics. Early successes provide lasting motivation.

Free shipping

Worry-free ordering with free shipping from 50 francs / euros in Switzerland and Germany.

Endless possibilities

Arithmetic, playing, building, counting, numbers, decimal points, symmetry, measuring, weighing, estimating, circumference, volume, views, dexterity, creativity, thinking, ... Let your child's creativity run free.

Never think again: I'm stupid!

For math beginners, the Intuitibrix is not about right or wrong. Just by looking at and handling the number blocks, the children make important math experiences - without failures.

Play instead of practicing math

The Intuitibrix are designed so that children can also learn math while playing. When building bridges, for example, things are added, subtracted, compared and estimated very intuitively.

Fear of math doesn't stand a chance

If children are given the chance to understand tasks, they are spared a lot of frustration, fear and despair. Suddenly the tasks are even fun. It learns much better with ease and joy.

That's what previous customers say

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Rahel Schmidli
Rachel Schmidli
Very nice wooden box with the different stones in it, you can see the wood structure very well. Looks great. Delivery was very quick my daughter loves it. Unfortunately, the plastic case broke during shipping. I got an email from Intuitibrix and immediately got an answer that I would get the case replaced. I think it's great. I recommend it further.
Evelyn Kaser
Evelyn Kaser
The children love to work with the stones.
Sonja Lüscher
Sonja Lüscher
I think the Intuitibrix is a great thing to better understand the numbers. Be it at home to give the children their first experience with numbers or at school to provide the children with visual support.
Alexander Lichtin
Alexander Lichtin
I bought the Intuitibrix for my primary school students with math weaknesses and was pleasantly surprised at the rapid learning success of my students! The Intuitibrix enable children to playfully develop a feel for tens. A really brilliant product which I can recommend with a clear conscience to all children who would like to learn math in a playful way.
Sigrid G
Sigrid G
Very nice contact. The Intuitibrix definitely appealed to our preschool children, they are busy building and calculating. Great material from a mathematical and didactic point of view, it connects the number with the number, the division into five points to constants that the children can work through, quantities can be estimated.
Barbara Südy
Barbara Südy
My kids started playing with Intuitibrix at the age of 3 and 5 and it was an instant love. They are now 5 and 7 and still enjoy playing with the bricks. It really helps them playfully learn the basics of maths 😊
Iris Kämpfen Fam.K
Iris Fight Fam.K
I bought the Intuitibrix for my youngest son for better understanding of numbers and for practicing arithmetic. And He's excited. He uses them for building, calculating, experimenting and trying out and comparing etc. Thanks for this ingenious invention just great 👍👍👍👍👍 We especially like the points on one side and the lines on the other side. I am very happy to recommend Intuitibrix.
Frank Dietrich
Frank Dietrich
I recommended the building blocks to my work colleagues. His daughter had math problems. Thanks to Intuitibrix, these problems are a thing of the past!

Answer questions

Every child is different. For example, some three-year-olds are already interested in numbers. Children from the age of 4 are sure to enjoy it.

There are advantages to both variants. They are tidied up faster in the bag and the set is not that heavy.

The box offers the advantage that the number range up to 100 can be represented very well. In addition, it is immediately noticeable if a part is missing.

It can happen! The one in particular likes to hide somewhere. In this case it is sufficient to write me a message. The missing part will be replaced free of charge.

Quite often children with arithmetic problems in the higher grades are not sure about the number range up to 20. They count instead of calculating because they have no idea of numbers. Through creative building with the intuitibrix, this idea can be acquired later. The children are spared the humiliation of having to catch up on the material from the 1st and 2nd grade, because for them it feels like playing.

The building blocks, the box and the cards are produced in Switzerland and Germany.

The curricula in Switzerland and Germany provide for different types of writing. Especially the four looks quite different.

In the early lessons, I always made it a priority for children to learn how to write numbers correctly. Thanks to the adapted font, the children always see and feel the numbers as they should be written.

In many math books this is called the "power of 5".

Not only the numbers, but also the dots and lines are easy to feel. Even blind children can learn well with it.

Multisensory tasks are also important for sighted children. Because the numbers are syllabus-compliant, you can use them for writing practice.

So that children are forced to break down and put together numbers when building, there are only five of the big building blocks each.

The production of the building blocks requires high-quality wood and many work steps. The machines required are very expensive. Due to its longevity and the many possible uses, the purchase is definitely worthwhile.

Experts know this too. That is why imagination and creativity are a focus of the curriculum 21 of the canton of Zurich.

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