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Easy as pie with the patented intuitibrix!

Math, the No. 1 fear subject for children

The intuitibrix help children from around 4 years of age to improve their understanding of math while playing and building. In this way, they can strengthen their self-confidence and achieve better results in school.

The best math material for school, kindergarten and at home!

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    Arithmetic blocks in the wooden box

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Why is the box worth it?

Petra Wimber, inventor of the intuitibrix

“I know that math is not narrow-minded cramming. That's why I've set myself the goal that every child can discover joy in math."

Understand math intuitively

No matter how old the child is or what it can already do: every child intuitively experiences numbers, quantities and dimensions at an individual level.

Unique product

There is no other math material that so clearly shows the relationship between quantity, number and size. This is fundamental for sustainable understanding in mathematics.

Personal contact to the inventor

You can write to me: We will find a solution for every problem.

Developed and tested in Switzerland, manufactured in Europe 🙂

That's what enthusiastic parents and teachers say

Susann, D
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I am a first class teacher at a special needs center and teach children with special language needs according to the primary school curriculum. I am absolutely convinced of the intuitibrix after having tested them in the classroom for more than three weeks. It's not just simple number blocks that, due to their size, make comparisons very challenging. Rather, they also take into account the cardinal number aspect, by showing the quantity in the margin and clearly marking the power of the 5. This helps the children to build inner quantity pictures, which is the basis for arithmetic. With the help of the building blocks, the children are able to recognize connections between quantities and mathematical terms such as difference, distance, how much more, how much less can be systematically built up and trained. Numbers in love, doubling, halving, neighboring tasks, symmetries and calculation strategies become child's play and understandable for every child. The building blocks are also a lot of fun for the children. I believe these building blocks belong in every classroom and are worth every penny.
Bridget, N
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I've been a speech therapist for a good 20 years and I think intuitibrix is awesome. I bought it for my work with children, but now my son plays with it every day. He's 4.5 years old and I think that's the perfect age to start learning about quantities and numbers. He loves it and asks me a lot of questions about it. Every day he builds something different with it and sets himself small tasks. The concept is as well-founded as it is simple and therefore completely convincing. The material is beautifully crafted. The warm wood, the beautiful design, the great feel of the blocks, I'm really excited. The wooden box that comes with it is very worthwhile. A big compliment to Petra for the idea and implementation of this extremely useful play and therapy material!
Marianne, W.
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I bought the box for my son (8 years old), he's in the first grade and he doesn't find it that easy to calculate and it's the basics, the beginnings in math that are the most important. Immediately after unpacking, he started playing and trying out the blades and keeps getting the box himself to learn with it. He used to hate math, but now he even enjoys it, he says himself, and as a mom, I think it's super cool too! In my opinion, Intuitibrix should be available by default in every classroom for 1st graders and for all children who are struggling with math.
S, M
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Great stuff! I use the Intuitibrix in my 1st grade. The kids love working with it. They patiently put groups of 10 together or complement, add and double. And they get it! Absolutely recommendable!
Sigrid, G.
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Very nice contact. The Intuitibrix definitely appealed to our preschool children, they are busy building and calculating. Great material from a mathematical and didactic point of view, it connects the number with the number, the division into five points to constants that the children can work through, quantities can be estimated.
Iris, K
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I bought the Intuitibrix for my youngest son for better understanding of numbers and for practicing arithmetic. And He's excited. He uses them for building, calculating, experimenting and trying out and comparing etc. Thanks for this ingenious invention just great 👍👍👍👍👍 We especially like the points on one side and the lines on the other side. I am very happy to recommend Intuitibrix.

Why intuitibrix?

Sensational learning success for children from 4 years!

For children it is a game. By connecting quantity and number, basic mathematical experience is automatically acquired.

Original intuitibrix - An unprecedented help for children

With the intuitibrix I have succeeded in showing the connection between quantity and number in an unprecedented way. Children learn mathematics faster and easier. Math, the "problem subject" in school!

The “intuitibrix” brand is legally protected (DE 30 2021 106 713 and IR no. 1 634 342). This makes it the original that I can now use to help children all over the world.

Many years of experience as a teacher and a heart for children

I have been a primary school teacher for over 20 years. With great commitment I have worked in different countries and different school systems. My greatest concern has always been that the children learn with joy and enjoy coming to school. I was able to do this through a lot of understanding, extensive specialist knowledge and a lot of work.

Sustainable and effortless!

Discover your own ways, understand them and not just learn them by heart. This makes learning fun and nothing is forgotten again.

Answer questions

Every child is different. For example, some three-year-olds are already interested in numbers. Children from the age of 4 are sure to enjoy it.

Quite often children with arithmetic problems in the higher grades are not sure about the number range up to 20. They count instead of calculating because they have no idea of numbers. Through creative building with the intuitibrix, this idea can be acquired later. The children are spared the humiliation of having to catch up on the material from the 1st and 2nd grade, because for them it feels like playing.

If you are specifically looking for something to break down numbers, the “Numbers in Love” set will suffice. There are simply fewer building blocks. 

The larger sets offer many more possibilities and exploring the number range up to 100. With the fabric bag, the building blocks are quickly tidied up again.

The set in the wooden box offers additional advantages. The number range up to 100 is structured. Giving away trains the spatial imagination and the decomposition of ten. You can see immediately if a block is missing.

The intuitibrix were developed and tested in Switzerland. The products are manufactured in Switzerland and Europe.

The startup intuitibrix was founded by me, Petra Wimber, as a sole proprietorship. I am responsible for all areas. Any kind of contact ends up with me personally.

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