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Further information:

  • Promotes understanding of the number zero.
  • Answer to the question why there is no block with a zero.
  • The small cards have the size: 4 by 4 cm.
  • The middle cards are 5 by 5 cm.
  • The large cards have the size: 6 by 6 cm
  • 5 pages

Number cards from 0 to 10

These number cards help to understand the number 0. There can't be a block with the zero.

✅ Representation of the zero

😃 Can also be used without the intuitibrix

👍 Promotes understanding of the number zero

Further information:

  • Promotes understanding of the spelling of multi-digit numbers.
  • Tens and ones are no longer confused.
  • The one-cards have the dimensions: 4.5 by 5.5 cm
  • The ten cards have the dimensions: 9 by 5.5 cm
  • 2 pages with a total of 19 cards

Number cards for all numbers up to 100

The place values are practiced with the number cards. For example, children no longer confuse 35 and 53.

✅ Representation of multi-digit numbers

😃 Transition from material to writing

👍 Promotes understanding of the spelling of multi-digit numbers

German-Swiss basic script

Further information:

  • Writing down the tasks leads to the tasks in school
  • Clear presentation
  • About the solution to understanding
  • A4
  • 4 worksheets

    4 worksheets with solutions

Doubling, halving, even/odd card set worksheets

The worksheets are a supplement to the Double, Halve, Even/Odd deck.

writing down the tasks

😃 Transition from trying out to written assignments

👍 With suggested solutions

Further information:

  • Inventing your own tasks deepens your understanding
  • A4
  • 2 templates

Copy template for your own ideas

2 small blank templates

For these cards you need the City of Towerbrix game and intuitibrix building blocks from 1 to 10

👍 Deepening of the understanding of numbers

😃 Joy in math instead of fear of math

✅ Sustainable learning by inventing your own tasks


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