Combination 2: intuitibrix in the wooden box + 51 ideas to help you get started

Product description:

33 building blocks in different sizes with four different sides plus a card set with tasks that prepare the material for 1st and 2nd grade.

👍 Better understanding of math

😃 Joy in math instead of fear of math

✅ Great preparation for 1st and 2nd grade

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Further information:

Wooden box:

  • Practice decomposing tens when putting away.
  • Numbers up to 100 can be represented well.
  • You notice immediately when a building block is missing.

card set:

  • Lots of playful ideas
  • Targeted preparation for the material of the 1st and 2nd class
  • The base area of all building blocks is 2 by 4 cm. One is 2 cm high, all others are 2 cm higher.
  • The box has the external dimensions 22.5 cm by 22.5 cm by 5 cm.
  • The building blocks and the box are made of untreated, high-quality beech wood. The surfaces are sanded smooth, all edges are rounded. Numbers, lines, dots and the logo on the box are engraved using the latest laser technology. And you can feel that. Wood is a natural product. Deviations in color are normal. That is why each building block is unique.
  • A set contains 33 building blocks:
    12 ones, 7 twos, 4 threes, 3 fours, 2 fives, one each six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
    Together they add up to exactly 100.

Why intuitibrix?

Sensational learning success for children from 4 years!

For children it is a game. By connecting quantity and number, basic mathematical experience is automatically acquired.

Original intuitibrix - An unprecedented help for children

With the intuitibrix I have succeeded in showing the connection between quantity and number in an unprecedented way. Children learn mathematics faster and easier. Math, the "problem subject" in school!

The “intuitibrix” brand is legally protected (DE 30 2021 106 713 and IR no. 1 634 342). This makes it the original that I can now use to help children all over the world.

Many years of experience as a teacher and a heart for children

I have been a primary school teacher for over 20 years. With great commitment I have worked in different countries and different school systems. My greatest concern has always been that the children learn with joy and enjoy coming to school. I was able to do this through a lot of understanding, extensive specialist knowledge and a lot of work.

Sustainable and effortless!

Discover your own ways, understand them and not just learn them by heart. This makes learning fun and nothing is forgotten again.

What my customers say:

16 reviews for Kombi 2: intuitibrix in der Holzkiste + 51 Ideen als Starthilfe

  1. Armanda S

    It's great my son 3 1/2 loves it. It's very versatile think for any age. The only comment on 6 and 9 maybe a small dot or dash underneath that would be great.

  2. Clarissa M

    Very good…. We are very happy with Intuitibrix.

  3. Bridget N

    I've been a speech therapist for a good 20 years and I think intuitibrix is awesome. I bought it for my work with children, but now my son plays with it every day. He's 4.5 years old and I think that's the perfect age to start learning about quantities and numbers. He loves it and asks me a lot of questions about it. Every day he builds something different with it and sets himself small tasks. The concept is as well-founded as it is simple and therefore completely convincing. The material is beautifully crafted. The warm wood, the beautiful design, the great feel of the blocks, I'm really excited. The wooden box that comes with it is very worthwhile. A big compliment to Petra for the idea and implementation of this extremely useful play and therapy material!

  4. Cornelia Z

    The material is great for use in remedial classes! One star deduction because the wood has some unsightly spots.

  5. Heidi T

    The Intuitibrix feel great. My daughter was able to do her maths problems on her own right away and without any help.

  6. Andrew T

    Beautiful high quality set.

  7. Eveline R

    The kindergarten children love to play with it. The 1st graders notice immediately how they can use it for plus tasks. A fine line would make it clear for the children what is up and down in the numbers.

  8. Fabienne B

    Nice high quality box. My daughter already had an aha effect when she had to count fives and one. The little ones also like to play with it and build towers. Unfortunately the plastic box with the cards in it was broken upon arrival. Otherwise everything is great and I'm curious to see how learning math will continue.

  9. Simona D

    We are excited! Great idea and beautiful workmanship! Our kids love it. thank you very much

  10. Andrea G

    Very fast delivery, nice!

  11. Sarah K

    Hello Petra, thank you, the package arrived quickly. The children will receive it for Christmas. I can then give you further feedback. Lg Sarah

  12. Verena M

    The delivery was very fast and "special requests" were also spontaneously fulfilled. The numbers game is used very often and is loved very much! Thank you very much Petra

  13. Suzanne O

    In addition to the idea, an equally perfect service. Really great & thank you very much!

  14. Annelis H

    Intuitibrix is just awesome! Our grandchildren of different ages (2-9) love the beautiful wooden pieces more than anything and play with them in every imaginable way. Build towers (2y.), with the barbecue tongs, which is the crane, lift out the wooden parts, make high stacks with the long parts, put the small ones on the other side of the box (3y.) and then of course the older children playfully in the accompany the world of Mathi. I would have been so glad I had had intuitibrix when our kids were little. Really great and supports children of all ages in their development, and in a playful way. Thank you very much for this ingenious invention, the great material wood, the parts are so nice to hold in your hand... and keep it up!!! Annelis Hacki

  15. Fabienne T

    Just great! Brilliant idea to get the kids excited about numbers. Super nice workmanship, fast delivery!

  16. Sonya L

    I'm excited about the intuitbrix! The material is well thought out and encourages playing and arithmetic! The service is great too!

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