About me

I have been a passionate teacher for over 20 years.

My primary goal has always been that the children enjoy coming to school and that they enjoy learning.

After graduating, I taught in Germany for 12 years. From the very beginning I wanted to support and encourage children individually. So I dealt more intensively with the pedagogy of Maria Montessori. What could be more obvious than acquiring the Montessori diploma? Curiosity drove me abroad after a few years and so I ended up at the European School in Brussels, where I got a lot of insight into the school systems of other countries.

By chance I met a primary school teacher from Zurich who persuaded me to come to Switzerland. I've been here since 2010 and I still like it very much.

Since I have met many parents who would like to support their child but do not know how to do this most skillfully, I came across learning coaching. As a mother of two adult children whose school days were not always easy, I know the concerns of parents only too well. When preparing my coaching, I was looking for special material that I could offer to parents. It should be structured so clearly that children can quickly work with it independently, have self-control and relieve parents. I couldn't find this material on the market, so I developed it myself.

Now I'm in the process of showing intuitibrix to as many people as possible, in the hope that a lot of children can benefit from it. And maybe time will allow me to tackle the coaching after all.


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